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Goa’s Sunburn dance 2009

December 30th, 2009

Sunburn Dance

More than hundred foreign visitors participated in sunburn dance for Asia’s Premier Electronic Music festival, in candolim, Goa from 27th to 29th. Dmark and Nikhil Chinapa are the festival director of this third year celebration.

The festival has invited global clubbing brand and dance behemoth Gatecrasher for the label stage.

Shalindera Singh, director of the dance programme, said that “Sunburn is a festival which allows you to be who you are and fortunately through the platform of music which I think is a universal language of celebration. We are really fortunate that Goa has India’s own festival of music and dance called Sunburn which is not only India’s largest but also Asia’s number one”.

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Streb’s Dangerous dance

December 23rd, 2009

Leaning her body off a steep ledge, a lady dived towards the ground and landed facedown over a blue foam carpet. Running at high speed, a guy evaded a swinging cement cinder block while jumping into the air. This type of dangerous dance is very rare, but STREB is not a normal dance company.

Daredevil is the name of this dangerous dance troupe and the founder of this gang is Elizabeth Streb. While studying dance in university, Elizabeth Streb felt that traditional dance styles didn’t push her body and mind much.


In 1975, Streb started a dance company, later she got a passion of learning a lot about the effect of movement on matter, and so she studied math, physics and philosophy at New York University. Using the utmost physical limits as her canvas, she started to increase her dance routine to farther extreme, using large-scale industrial prop and meticulous, more dangerous, steps. She says, in this way she has a great attraction for the achievements of Olympic athletes.

Their future performance in Vancouver will be the troupe’s first performance on Canada’s west coast. According to Streb, local viewers will never have seen a dance like it before, “This will be a great bold new form of entertainment”

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Paddy Jones, 75yrs old grandma, the winner of famous Spanish TV Show ‘You’ve Got Talent’

December 12th, 2009

Salsa dancing: Paddy Jones, a 75 years old British grandmother is the winner of Spanish ‘got talent’ show, which is equivalent of “Britain’s Got Talent” show. She won with an amazing gymnastic salsa routines. She stunned audience and judges with her flips, leaps, shimmies, spin and slide, regardless of age.

Jones, who stays in Spain, was originally from Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Actually Jones is a grandmother of seven and she learned salsa dancing five years ago, after the death of her husband.

She came with Nico, 40 years junior dance instructor and performed with a dark and tight dress.The judges were shocked as she blew the crowd away. The pair won $15,000 for their victory.

Jones said to the London Times, “I feel I’m very lucky for what I do and I will continue as long as I can and I’m the living proof to prove that age is not a barrier”.

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An opportunity with Keisha Grant’s dance company

December 8th, 2009

Keisha Grant’s dance company is a new innovative and modern Dance Company that organized an education programme in 2008 (the year the company started).

After completing the projects successfully, with a growing interest the company is now expanding its dance team to participate more freelance Dance Practitioners to deliver short and long term contracts for Extra Curricular and Community projects that will take place in 2010.

Keisha Grant

In addition to the most talented dancers, who inspire and teach the next generations of dancers, the people who have the capability to plan effectively and deliver informative sessions for participants are also invited. They are also eager to get Qualified Teacher Status dancers, even though this is not essential.

If you are a flexible, skilled and reliable Dancer who can perform well in Two or more of the following styles have a wonderful opportunity: Hip Hop, African, Latin, Capoeira, Contemporary, and Street Jazz

To apply send your CV, a short profile about you with your photograph within January 10 to For more information visit

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