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Karmiel Dance Festival – 2010

April 26th, 2010

Karmiel Dance Festival
Karmiel dance festival will be held between July 27th till July 29th, 2010. More than 5,000 dancers from all countries will participate in this festival. Karmiel is located at #85, in Beit Hakerem Valley. It’s 35 km from Tiberius and 45km from Haifa.

Karmiel Dance Festival

Karmiel Dance Festival

Most of the people think that Israeli dance refers to Israeli folk dance but Karmiel festival includes contemporary, jazz, and ballroom and israeli folk dance.

Shlomo Maman is the artistic director who gave an idea to include various dance styles in this festival. Last year artists from Kibbutz, Ido Tadmor, Rina Schenfeld and Vertigo’s second company participated in this festival. Last years festival included 5,000 dancers and 80 events which were composed of concerts, competitions, and dance classes.

The opening of last years festival was dedicated to Tel Aviv in honor of the city’s centennial. More than 1,500 dancers from various groups participated in that ceremony. In the closing ceremony each folk dance group presented its best piece of choreography and more than 2000 dancers were involved in it.

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Newyork Dance Festival – 2010

April 22nd, 2010

Newyork Dance Festival

The Newyork Dance Festival was organized by the international arts-and-human-rights organization to develop South Asian dance. This festival will be held on April 24th at Symphony Space and at the Stanley Kaplan Penthouse on April 25th.

This festival brings together the best in South Asian arts and explores the realities of gender and sexuality. Apart from creating awareness it acts as a source to enter public dialogue around issues of gendered identities, violations of human rights and women’s rights.

Newyork Dance Festival

Newyork Dance Festival

Symphony Space – April 24th
Stanley Kaplan Penthouse
April 25th

Participating Artists:
Nrityagram Dance Ensemble
Kalanidhi Dance
Sumbhaav Dance Project
Flexy Studios
UBC Bhangra Girlz
Shayma Sayid

Last year’s festival received more than 50 influential and experiential dancers and activists from Asia, Europe and the United States. The press coverage for the festival was tremendous with media such as BBC, India Abroad, India in NY, Newsweek and many others.

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Dublin Dance Festival

April 19th, 2010

Dublin Dance Festival – 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Dublin Dance Festival which is to be held between May 8th and May 23rd , 2010. The 2010 Festival will be more beautiful, wondrous and smart. In this 6th edition, you will see 24 dance companies participating from 9 countries. We are eager to share and encourage you at the classes, discussions and workshops.

Dublin Dance Festival-2010

Dublin Dance Festival-2010

The mission of this festival is to give the best quality international dance festival that promotes contemporary dance, dancers artists and audiences in Ireland. It promotes excellent dance which reflects diversity of dance and also influence audiences. Through this Festival, they aspire to increase the opportunities for audiences to experience the art of dance.

In 2008, Dublin Dance Festival took place from April 17-May 3 and in 2009 it took place from May 8-23. These editions of the Dublin dance festival provided exciting programmes featuring international work from artists like Mark Morris, Alain Platel and Anne Teresa.

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Eastbourne International Folk Dance Festival 2010

April 12th, 2010

Eastbourne International Festival
The 34th edition of the Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival is to be held from 30th April till 3rd May, 2010. This festival focuses both on watching and dancing just link leading and playing music. There will be dance practice workshops, display sides and evening social dances.

Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival occupies a special position among all the folk dance festivals. It is one of the best festivals because it concentrates on workshops and dances for enthusiasts. This festival receives excellent comments from all those who come for the festival. It also has an excellent reach not just because of the organising committee but due to the interest for folk dance all over the world.



Bishop Bell School,
Priory Road
East Sussex
BN23 7EJ

At the festival site, you can easily move to any workshop and go everywhere to meet your dancers. There will be four workshop sessions and an afternoon tea-dance. There will be three simultaneous dances on Friday evening and on Saturday and Sunday nights there are four dances and our special events. With one ticket you can join all the events.

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Belgrade Dance Festival 2010

April 6th, 2010

Belgrade Dance Festival
The seventh edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival is to be held between April 9-23, 2010. This Festival has brought a good tradition, guest appearances of dance companies and famous choreographers. The main aim of this festival is to present tendencies for contemporary dance. This event has established a lot and it has improved the communication between audiences.

The International Dance Council of Paris founded this festival and Aja Jung from Belgrade is the programme selector. The festival creates new audience, positive suggestions, educational contents and a very good attendance. It has also popularised modern dance and enabled dance art to reach wide audience through TV presentations.

Belgrade Dance Festival

Belgrade Dance Festival

Events Schedule:
9th April, Sava Centar, Italy
10th April, Novi Sad, Italy
11th April, Opera Madlenianum China
12th April, National Theatre, Portugal
13th April, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgium
15th April, Sava Center, Israel
16th April, National Theatre, Israel
17th April, Opera Madlenianum, France
19th April, Sava Center, UK
21st April, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, The Netherlands
23rd April, Sava Center, Switzerland

The Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, the embassies, cultural centres and the Secretariat for Culture regularly regularly support this festival. Main partner in Vojvodina is The Provincial Secretariat of the Executive Assembly of AP of Vojvodina is the main partner of Belgrade Dance Festival.

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