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August 31st, 2010

The Louisiana Delta Ballet Company’s is going to give a classic performance.

Louisiana Delta Ballet Company’s is one of the quality and high professional company leading in North Louisiana. The main aim of the company to bring excellence in ballet and to edify our youthful people in the pleasure and positive reception of the arts and to motivate the group of people at bulky in the zeal of ballet. The art director Missy Crain said” “We struggle to create an atmosphere of reception and pleasure for dance presentation where such may not yet be refined”.

It is a well qualified company where it consists of pre-professional dancers from a sixteen parish area of North Louisiana. The yearly auditions are seized during the summer workshop and the selected dancers are customary as beginner, subordinate and superior members of the company. The summer program advertises the famous dance teacher John Magnus, Valeri Madonia, Daniel Baudendistel, Davis Robertson and Stacey Calvert.

Missy Crain the art director of Louisiana Delta Ballet Company’s is having an great passion towards the dance. She considered dance as her career and the life she stated her craze towards dance at the age of nine itself.The early preparation began with the Twin City Ballet under the course of Madame Cecelia Kelly and Linda Ford, where she studied and trained under the world’s best ballet instructors Robert Joffrey, Richard Englund, and David Howard. After the well developed experience she danced the main roles of Cinderella, Titania in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker and Odette in Swan Lake.


Missy started her teaching and still she is performing, allocating the love for dance have become a entire life commitment. First she started the school of dance at 1984 in Monroe, LA. Really she is a much talented person because within few years she prolonged the school into Oak Grove, Ruston and Calhoun. Mrs. Crain has choreographed for numerous concerns, including Twin City Ballet, Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet, and the Southern Association of Dance Masters.

Later that developed school has become Louisiana Delta Ballet Company’s. She is such a great person. She received the talented Choreographer’s Award in 1984 with her first work permitted Reflections. The Christmas story original ballet entitled Power & Grace – has become the best moment of signature performance for Louisiana Delta Ballet. For more than 27 years she has been training. Now she is going to present her 6th season really it is appraising news for all the peoples, where she wanted the peoples to share the ardor and feel the power of LDB 2010-2011 season.

So we the peoples should encourage her passion, courage and talents.

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August 30th, 2010

The Indian tribe people who are living in the northeast and south east border are going to celebrate their tradition this week with free consultation that is open to public.

The last day for the Pala Band of Mission Indians’ third annual powwow, titled “Honoring Traditions: A Celebration of Song and Dance. “Will be august 29th..

The festival begins with the great energy, enthusiasm and with the mass dance.Particularly this year there is varieties of dance competitions for all age group people such as.

  • Chicken
  • Jingle
  • Southern straight
  • Southern cloth
  • Traditional
  • Fancy dance

jingle dance

Not only the competitions are held, many dance styles such as the jingle, grasses as well as drumming displays are demonstrated during the festival. Public are greatly honored to join the festival with the drums to enjoy and lead the performance. The competition is more and more violent and ferocious because more than $55,000 prize money at bet..

  • Festival -8 pm to 5 pm
  • Venue- Pala Rey Youth Camp, 10779 Highway 76.

The three days festival will attribute more than 200 dancers, challenging in traditional and drum dance for the prize money of $60,000.where the performance schedule includes gourd dancing at 6 p.m. Sept. 3 and at 1 and 6 p.m. Sept. 4. There will also be a men’s “fancy dance” competition on September 4.The magnificent opening where groups are dressed in traditional costume from tribes all over the country is schedules at 7 p.m. Sept. 3 and 4. On 4 evening there will be a mass gathering where people sing “49 Songs “which is the combination of America and English. On 5 September there will be a drum contest. And the Barona Band of Mission Indians’ 40th annual Barona Powwow returns from 6 to 11 p.m. Sept. 3, and from 1 to 11 p.m. Sept. 4 and 5..

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August 27th, 2010

The home dancers from seven lakes won the national title for the dance competition held on weekend of June 25 in North Wilkesboro at Dance Machine Nationals. The great pride goes to the seven lakes dancers.

Totally they were four sections in the Seven Lakes

jazz dance

  • Trainee
  • Transitional
  • Subordinate
  • Superior

The four troupes beated more than 20 troupes from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Trainee band members-The group members Jones, Alexa, Kennedy and savannah beated the opponent team with the hip hop and tap dance and got a tremendous ranking where they stood sixth place for hip hop and third place in tap dance in the diminutive group allocation. Where the tap dance got award in all mini, diminutive and subordinate level. Great credit goes to the group members where the performance was stunning in the beginning level itself.

Transitional band members- The members of the traditional level performed the awesome tap dance performance where they struggled and won the first place on the whole in the subordinate great group section.

Subordinate band members-The junior people won the overall performance for the tap dance in their level.

Superior band members-The senior level dancers encounter greatly to beat the opponent teams where the hip hop and capella dance helped them to won the platinum fifth place and first place in overall junior level. Also they joined their hands with subordinate members to battle with transitional level members and won the pearly first place and third place in tap dance and jazz dance. It was the delightful performance performed by them.

The ending of the competition is the great title “National Showdown of the Stars Champion”was given to the senior level troupe for their impressive performance in capella tap dance which was named as “quiet”. The senior people have scored the top ranking when compared to all divisions.

All the members from the various sections were chosen from Dance Machine Nationals Dream Team and they were under the control and guidance of Marcie Overcash Milbredt, Lauren Kicklighter, LeAnn Garrison and Katie Ritter.

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August 26th, 2010

The 7th abene American dance celebration
The Windham Arts Council is going to crowd the African dance celebration going to be held on august 25th to 29th.

The name Abene – place where good will be encountered and it is the name of the village too. The village is located in Senegal, West Africa, where the dance site is conducted. Diallo the famous master conducts the dance site. He is a good performer and has given up the life by teaching dance to West Africa, the U.S., and Europe peoples.

During this festival he will teach totally six African dance classes for all levels, at The Church followed by live drumming Ibrahima Thiokho Diagne, also of Senegal .The people who are interested in his dance are most welcome to visit without charge. This celebration provides him the best opportunity to prove himself in the dance and to esteem his contribution for rousing students with the force, grace, and classiness of his dancing.

african dance

The famous dance carnival is also organized by our beloved dancer and drummer Diallo ,a Senegalese choreographer and escort dancer of the West African dance group. He is a multitalented person who toured with a number of artists in West Africa, Europe, the United States, and with Les Ballet National Du Senegal, African dance troupe in West Africa.

There will be a special guest from Abeneo Elhadji Mamadou who was the performer and leader of Les Ballets Africaine de Sangomare. Mamadou is also a self-motivated, vigorous choreographer and a talented teacher. At present he resides in Burlington.

The festival will crown a gala performance by Diallo, followed by West African dancers and drummers; GaiaRoots, a woman’s globe music collection; and Jamemurrel Stanley & the Drummers of serenity & parity .After the Saturday evening performance, the festival will mass a West African dinner Malian cuisine.

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August 25th, 2010

The spring hill team brings the enormous honor to their country.
Really it is a great and blissful instant for their country.

The Dance America National Championships competition was held on last month in Orlando, where several team took place in this national level championship competition.

Where Sarah Lewandowski won the most excellent senior dancer title. Really it will be a heart rejoicing moments for her when the title was announced. She beated hardly 206 dancers and other solo performers to win this mega title. The title was given based on her wonderful and astonishing performance in the interview, jazz combination test and also her solo performance. Lewandowski was the NO:1 scorer, in addition to the dancer of the year title she won many exciting trophy for the highest scorer in the solo performance and the paramount touching implementation of all the solo performers .

solo dance

Lewandowski didn’t stop her passion, attitude and grace toward the dance. After winning the dancer of the year title. She competed 193 solo performers with her fashionable and stunning performance to her favorite song left and she earned the fourth runner up position at the worldwide dance challenge. Her solo performance was choreographed by instructor Kelli Simpson. She has been dancing at Erin’s Danceworks for 12 years and has been guided, instructed and taught by both Simpson and Erin Messaris.

Other solo performers who brought pride to their country are

  • Taylor Storey (first runner-up)
  • Malia Nicolini and Lauren Alagna (top 12 in senior level)
  • Kelcey Morris (top 12 in junior level).

The spring team brought hardly crown position in 16 dances and various runner-up and assignment awards in the National Championships.
It is glad and bright full news to Lewandowski country. Great honor and pride to Lewandowski

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