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Streb’s Dangerous dance

December 23rd, 2009

Leaning her body off a steep ledge, a lady dived towards the ground and landed facedown over a blue foam carpet. Running at high speed, a guy evaded a swinging cement cinder block while jumping into the air. This type of dangerous dance is very rare, but STREB is not a normal dance company.

Daredevil is the name of this dangerous dance troupe and the founder of this gang is Elizabeth Streb. While studying dance in university, Elizabeth Streb felt that traditional dance styles didn’t push her body and mind much.


In 1975, Streb started a dance company, later she got a passion of learning a lot about the effect of movement on matter, and so she studied math, physics and philosophy at New York University. Using the utmost physical limits as her canvas, she started to increase her dance routine to farther extreme, using large-scale industrial prop and meticulous, more dangerous, steps. She says, in this way she has a great attraction for the achievements of Olympic athletes.

Their future performance in Vancouver will be the troupe’s first performance on Canada’s west coast. According to Streb, local viewers will never have seen a dance like it before, “This will be a great bold new form of entertainment”

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Paddy Jones, 75yrs old grandma, the winner of famous Spanish TV Show ‘You’ve Got Talent’

December 12th, 2009

Salsa dancing: Paddy Jones, a 75 years old British grandmother is the winner of Spanish ‘got talent’ show, which is equivalent of “Britain’s Got Talent” show. She won with an amazing gymnastic salsa routines. She stunned audience and judges with her flips, leaps, shimmies, spin and slide, regardless of age.

Jones, who stays in Spain, was originally from Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Actually Jones is a grandmother of seven and she learned salsa dancing five years ago, after the death of her husband.

She came with Nico, 40 years junior dance instructor and performed with a dark and tight dress.The judges were shocked as she blew the crowd away. The pair won $15,000 for their victory.

Jones said to the London Times, “I feel I’m very lucky for what I do and I will continue as long as I can and I’m the living proof to prove that age is not a barrier”.

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Dancers showing off their traditions

November 14th, 2009

A small crowd of people got a sneak peek yesterday as part of the Tarerer Festival, which commences today in Killarney.

The Kenbi Dancers, who have traveled from the Top End for the occasion, gave a quick performance to a group of enthralled onlookers at Harris Street Reserve yesterday that involved them hunting a buffalo and even searching between audience members’ legs looking for mud crabs.

Kenbi Dancers Sharing Their Tradition

The in-demand dance group subsists in a small community of about 175 people at Belyuen, 18 kilometres across the harbour from Darwin.

According to their manager Steve Brown, the dancers love sharing their culture.
“Our big thing is involving the audience and bringing them into dance with us, so everyone is in together, as one,” Mr Brown said.

The Kenbi Dancers are Larrakia people and Mr Brown said their culture was very much active.
“Their language is very strong,” he said. “In their community they have about 10 different languages . . . even among these nine dancers, they might be all from the same family, but they still have two or three different languages.”

Kenbi Dancers

“It’s good they can come down (here) to a place where the culture has been broken down over the years and bring their culture, which is really strong, and it may help them to build it up here again.”
The Kenbi Dancers, and many other performers, will perform at the Tarerer Festival today and tomorrow at the Killarney Recreation Reserve.

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Patrick Swayze Awarded With Posthumous Honour

November 6th, 2009

Patrick Swayze

Paying respect to late actor Patrick Swayze, dancers in New York City honored him with a posthumous honour for his contribution to the industry. The star, who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year (Sept09), skilled as a ballet dancer before he began his career on Broadway with roles in hit musicals ‘Grease’ and ‘Chicago’.

His fancy footwork helped him to land his breakthrough film role in 1987 movie ‘Dirty Dancing’, reports The Daily Express. Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, was present at the annual fundraiser for Career Transition for Dancers— a aid organization which helps dancers whose careers have been cut short by injury.

She went to the stage to collect the Rolex Dance Award on Swayze’s behalf. And in a tearful acceptance speech, she said that her husband is now “dancing with the angels.”

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Dancing to replenish spiritual wells?

November 3rd, 2009

Doesn’t this sound strange?

The members of the Diamond Dance Company aren’t dancing for money or honor.

They don’t charge for performances, except for a little now and then to help manage their expenses. The rewards come in the forms of applause and tears when they have touched the hearts of the audiences.

These Mormon women are dancing for their God and for themselves, because they have a talent that demands to be shared.

Performance Of Women from Diamond Dance Company

The present 15 members of the dance company come from all over northern Utah County and Heber. They vary in age from 30 to 40 and have more than 50 children between them. They include soccer moms, church leaders, busy wives and community members who have two things in common: firm testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a love of dance.

It’s like oxygen for them.

“To me, it edifies and grounds the rest of my life,” Marlo Andersen said. “It lets me focus on my Savior as a mother in Zion and a woman in the church.”

Most of the dancers are graduates of BYU’s dance program. After marriage and childbearing, many found themselves starving for the emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment dancing brings to their lives.

That’s where Diamond Dance comes in.

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