>>Dancers in country Belgium
Andree Marliere
Andree Marliere started her ballet education at the age of ...

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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Anne Teresa, Baroness De Keersmaeker is one of the ...

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Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn was a Belgian-born, Dutch-raised actress of British and ...

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Bart de Block
Bart De Block is a professional Belgian ballet dancer known ...

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Charles Bernardy
Charles-Alexandre Bernard known as Charles Bernardy, was a dancer, choreographer ...

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Julie Alix de la Fay
Julie Alix de la Fay performed in to the ...

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Marguerite Acarin
Marguerite Acarin was a Belgian dancer, choreographer, and artist.

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Marie-Anne de Camargo
Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo sometimes known simply ...

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Muriel Houtteman
Muriel Houtteman also known as Fili (or Fily) (Mol-)Houteman, ...

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The London-based Bharatnatyam dancer Rumana Omar has wowed many an ...

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Veerle Casteleyn
Veerle Casteleyn is a Belgian musical theatre performer and ballerina.

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