>>Dancers in country Cuba
Alicia Alonso
Alicia Alonso is a Cuban prima ballerina assoluta and ...

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Amar Gamal
Amar Gamal is a well known Cuban dancer who ...

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Carlos Acosta
Carlos Acosta is a Cuban ballet dancer. He has ...

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Fernando Alonso
Alicia Alonso set a tradition of Romantic and Classical excellence ...

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Humberto Medina
Humberto Medina, called the Guarachero Mayor, created Guaracheros de Regla ...

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Jorge Alfaro
Jorge Alfaro was one of the soloists of the dance ...

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Jose Manuel Carreno
Jose Manuel started dancing at the age of ten and ...

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Miguel Campaneria
Miguel Campaneria is a Cuban ballet dancer and choreographer.He started ...

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Nelson Batista
Nelson became the first Salsa dance instructor in London, to ...

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Pedro Gomez
Gomez is a Salsa dance instructor from Cuba.

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Viengsay Valdes
LViengsay Valdés is a world-renowned Cuban ballerina and actress.

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Xiomara Reyes
Xiomara Reyes is a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre. ...

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Yat-Sen Chang
YYat-Sen Chang is a Cuban principal dancer in the ...

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