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Ballet is a perfect art of dance. It requires strict discipline, attention, whole hearted dedication, and love for ballet. The body has to be trained to dance with grace, elegance, and artistry. Ballet is a very lovely form of dance. It is referred to as a passport for other dance types. This dance gives a wonderful posture, elegance, and poise to the body.

Physical Benefits:

  • The awareness of the body alignment, weight placement and control gives a good posture.
  • Over a period the body gets toned and a perfect shape.
  • Improves co-ordination.
  • Energy is channelized positively.
  • Improves the body in physical strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • It cultivates grace in the movement of the body.
  • Holistic Benefits:

  • It inculcates discipline, punctuality, and regularity.
  • It increases self confidence.
  • Student learns how to express his\her emotions.
  • Energy is channelized positively.
  • It also improves memory.
  • Starts loving other dances also.
  • Ballet Dance
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    Ballet dancers in india
    Ballet first originated in Italian Renaissance in 15th century. It further developed in France, England, and Russia. It is now taught in ballet schools all over the world. Ballet, in India is gaining importance now. There are many schools but the few very famous ones are:
    The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance:
    This is a wonderful ballet school in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They teach and also carry out stage shows to bring out and show the talent of their students.
    National Ballet & Academy Trust Of India:
    This is an institute in Delhi, India. They have teachers from abroad for training the students in western ballet. It is a well recognized school in India and abroad.
    The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet:
    This foundation is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. This institute teaches all underprivileged children motivating, inspiring them to bring out their skills.
    Russian Cultural Centre:
    This centre is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This centre carries out various cultural activities. The activities are art exhibitions, dance performances, competitions, meetings etc. they have a Russian teacher teaching ballet. A wonderful combination all in one.