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The origins of swing are comparatively unclear. This is not for a short of possible origins, but rather for an awesome amount. Swing can be an innate descendent of Lindy hop, the Fox Trot, the Charleston, and even the Waltz and the Tango! This is just because with the rise of each of these dances, another chip fell into place for the rise of Swing itself.


The history of Swing belongs to the 1920's, where the black community, while dancing to modern Jazz music, discovered the Charleston and the Hip Hop Dance . Swing dancing is a much loved American past time, and in recent times it experienced resurgence in fame throughout America.

Its origins, though, are widely unknown. Once swing was established, it went on to take a lot of forms. Two of the most prominent forms are the east Coast Swing and the West Coast Swing, so-named after the growths that each part of the U.S. gave to the dance. Other dances that came from swing were the Jitterbug, Push, Whip, Shag and Imperial styles. Upon wary consideration,many American experts are now declaring this dance the true "grandfather" of Swing.

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