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India is the place where various dance forms such as Classical and Folk originated.Our dance styles in movies has exposed Indian dance to a global audience.Indian dance has been an influence for many other types of art including poetry, sculpture, architecture, literature and music.

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Indian Dancers

Dancers are usually employed on contract for particular performances or productions. The life of a dancer constantly changes depending upon the work situations, strong competition pressure and low pay. Dancers can achieve financial stability only if they provide their income, either in dance related roles such as dance teaching, dance sport coaching or yoga.

Indian Dance Style

Indian Dance covers a wide range of dance forms, from the ancient classical dance to folk and modern styles.Each form represents the culture and ethos of a particular region or a group of people.Apart from our dance performance our attire and the ornaments used also impress our spectators.

Indian Dance Company

A dance company is an organization of Dancers and Choreographers that offers instructions about various dance types. Indian dance companies offers programmes with a vision to achieve harmony and understanding between people of different cultures through Indian dance.