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Glossary is a list of words related to a specific topic, with brief definitions, arranged alphabetically. Here, we have an illustrated list of words with their meanings in context of dance.
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The speed at which a dance is performed or music is played.


A dance position where you hold your body at an angle to your supporting leg.


The way the movements of a dance fit the accompanying rhythm or music.

Transition Steps:

Movements done in between different positions in a dance sequence or exercise.


The changes or links between one movement or phrase and another.

Travelling Step:

A step in which you move across the floor.


Moving across the general space in any way.


Dances in threes.

Turned Out:

Term used to describe a dance position in which you stand with your legs and feet facing outwards. Your feet may be either together or apart.


The whole body changes its front in order to face another direction.