Bachata at Dance And Dance Company! Chennai

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bachata dance, a captivating and sensual partner dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic. Dance And Dance Company is excited to introduce you to the alluring art of Bachata, offering a comprehensive program that includes regular classes and immersive workshops. Whether you're new to partner dancing or an experienced dancer, our academy provides the perfect platform to explore and master this romantic and expressive dance form.

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Discover the Sensuality and Rhythm of Bachata at Dance And Dance Company, Chennai!

Dance And Dance Company invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Bachata dance. Whether you're seeking to kindle romance on the dance floor or express yourself through sensuous movements, our program offers a supportive and empowering space for all. Enroll today to experience the intimacy of Bachata, connect with dance partners, and let the melodies guide you into a world of passion and emotion. Secure your spot now and let the Bachata journey begin!

Fees For Bachata Dance Classes

  • Wednesdays and Fridays - 8 to 9 Pm


  • Per head 150 per class ( 1 hour ) 8 hours - 1000

Enroll Now: calling us at 9840311014 or Email

Experience the Passion and Romance of Bachata Dance!

Bachata dance is a captivating and sensual partner dance that originates from the Dominican Republic. It is characterized by its rhythmic music, close partner connection, and intricate footwork. This dance style has gained popularity worldwide for its emotional expression and intimate movements. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, Bachata offers a unique blend of technique, connection, and romance.

Unveiling the Essence of Bachata Dance

At Dance And Dance Company, Bachata is more than just dance steps; it's a journey of connection, emotion, and musicality. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about sharing the techniques, history, and genuine intimacy that make Bachata a beloved and meaningful dance style.

Highlights of Our Bachata Dance Program
  • Embrace the Romance of Bachata

    Step into the world of Bachata, where sultry movements and close partner connection create an intimate dance experience. Discover the origins and evolution of Bachata , a dance that has captured hearts worldwide.

  • Mastering Bachata Techniques

    Begin your Bachata journey by mastering the fundamental techniques that define this dance style. Develop a strong sense of rhythm, fluidity, and body movement as you explore the intricate footwork and partner dynamics in dance and dance academy in chennai.

  • Connection and Partner Communication

    Bachata thrives on the connection between dance partners. Learn the art of leading and following, enhancing your ability to communicate through movement and ensuring a harmonious dance experience.

  • Sensual Body Movement and Isolations

    Discover the sensuality of Bachata through body movement and isolations. Our workshops in Chennai focus on the subtleties that add grace and expressiveness to your dance, allowing you to fully embody the music.

  • Musicality and Interpretation

    Bachata is deeply intertwined with music. Learn to interpret the rhythms, melodies, and emotions of Bachata music, infusing your dance with a captivating blend of technique and feeling.

  • Bachata Dance Workshops

    Our specialized Bachata dance workshops in Chennai provide a platform to deepen your skills. Delve into specific aspects of Bachata, from perfecting partner connection to mastering intricate footwork patterns. These workshops offer focused training to elevate your dance proficiency.

  • Bachata Dance Regular Classes

    Join our regular Bachata dance classes designed for dancers of all levels. Immerse yourself in a supportive and vibrant atmosphere as you progress and master the passionate art of Bachata.

Bachata at Dance And Dance Company, Chennai

Dance And Dance Company in Chennai welcomes you to explore the enchanting world of Bachata dance. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about sharing the essence of Bachata, from its history and techniques to its emotional depth. Whether you're looking to impress on the dance floor, connect with a partner, or simply indulge in the joy of movement, our Bachata program offers the perfect blend of structured learning and artistic expression.

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