Hip Hop can draw its genesis back to the early 1970s and New York Street emcees- a genre exemplified by funk and soul rhythms superimposed with intense drumbeats. Ever since its origin, Hip Hop has become a platform of turn of phrase for the young all across the globe, amalgamating culture and modernity in a blend of movements. Having become a universal cultural phenomenon, it spreads good vibes and it has become a platform for artists to express their politics, their dance and their lives.

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Hip-Hop Dance Refers To:

Hip hop conventionally refers to four main art forms: MC-ing, or rapping, DJ-ing, dancing and graffiti. Street Dance or hip hop dance, as it survives today, stems from the original and varied movement styles which began to develop independently, but at the same time, on the east and west coasts of America. In New York, 'breaking' and 'up rocking' emerged. Meantime,'popping' and 'locking' came into being in Los Angeles.

Hip Hop has two kinds namely East coast Hip Hop and West coast Hip Hop and mixing it up i.e. as time passed all four dance styles of hip hop got spread and mixed.

The dance style primarily associated with hip hop is breaking, which appeared in New York City during the early 1970s and truly became a cornerstone of hip hop as a culture. Funk dance styles, such as popping and locking, evolved separately in California in the 1960-70s,but were also integrated into hip hop when the culture reached the West Coast of the United States.

Hip-Hop Dancing in the Present!

In today's mores, Hip Hop dance has become the norm and can be heard ubiquitously from the outskirts to the urban ghetto. Emphasizing on groove, strength and precision the dance has waving like the electric wave to waggle the body.

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