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Want to become a ballroom dancer you are in the right place. Ballroom dance is an elegant and sophisticated partner dance form that encompasses a wide range of styles, each characterized by its unique movements, music, and cultural history. Originating from various parts of the world, ballroom dance is celebrated for its grace, coordination, and connection between partners.Ballroom dancing originated in western countries like Italy, spain, USA and has now become popular all over the world. Today ballroom dancing has spread to almost all the countries. Few types of ballroom dances are Argentine Tango, Waltz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Ballroom Rumba, Ballroom samba, westcoast swing, ballroom jive etc.,

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Ballroom Tango:Ballroom Tango is a passionate and dramatic partner dance that originated in Argentina and found its way into ballroom dance competitions and social dance scenes worldwide. With its intense emotions, sharp movements, and captivating music, Ballroom Tango captures the essence of a fiery and tempestuous connection between partners.
Want to enjoy a night out with friends or a great evening in a social bar, Tango dance can give you great experience and pleasant feeling. Tango is very popular in Chennai and we have dedicated clubs practicing only Tango. Tango has few different versions like USA tango and Argentine Tango. Argentine tango is popular in Chennai. Dance and Dance company teaches argentine tango for all ages. Tango dance does not have age restriction. Since it is simple and easy to learn it can be leant in any age you want.

Foxtrot:Foxtrot is a smooth and graceful ballroom dance that exudes elegance and charm. It is characterized by its flowing movements, long strides, and classic style, making it a favorite in both social settings and ballroom dance competitions. There are 2 types of Foxtrot the regular one and the quickstep foxtrot. Foxtrot is a great ballroom dance, there is a lot of interest recently when it comes t foxtrot dancing. If you are stressed out after a day's work doing foxtrot gives you great feeling. Dance has been a known stress reliever and foxtrot is no exception. Any dance that is easy to learn and can be practiced for a long duration are always fun. Foxtrot is similar to waltz where dancers make long strides on maximum movement on the dance floor. Foxtrot is also extremely romantic dance, if you find the right partner you will enjoy dancing foxtrot. To learn Waltz Dance call us on 9840311014

Waltz: This is one of the most famous ballroom dance. Waltz dance is featured in many Hollywood movies. Remember the dance where you see the couple take long smooth strides across the dance floor? If you have seen it then you most probably saw them dancing waltz. Another very romantic and simple dance, It is an ideal dance for marriage / wedding choreographies. We get enquires for waltz dance for wedding than many other dance. We do waltz marriage choreography. Our dance school is one of the only few dance academies in Chennai which teaches waltz. Our choreographers are trained very well in waltz and give you one on one dedicated training to become a great social dancer or an expert performer.

Ballroom Samba:Ballroom Samba is a lively and rhythmically captivating dance that originated in Brazil and has found its place in ballroom dance competitions and social dance scenes around the world. Known for its energetic movements, vibrant music, and playful style, Ballroom Samba embodies the festive spirit of Brazilian culture.while both Ballroom Samba and Brazilian Samba share a common influence, they differ in terms of technique, style, and context. Ballroom Samba is a refined and partner-oriented version adapted for ballroom dance competitions, while Brazilian Samba is a culturally rich and expressive dance deeply ingrained in Brazilian traditions and celebrations. To Learn Ballroom Samba contact us Click here

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Argentine tango: Dance and Dance school teaches tango for all ages.Argentine Tango's emphasis on connection, emotion, and improvisation makes it a dance of great depth and complexity. It embodies the essence of human connection and artistic expression, allowing dancers to engage in a profound and intimate conversation with both their partner and the music. For more information on tango dancing at Dance And Dance refer the tango dance pageClik here.

Westcoast swing: Originated from the super energetic swing dance, west coast swing has evolved to nothing like the original. West coast swing dance is a partnering dance which is mainly practiced by matured couple who show their wonderful skills both in social dance floors and on stage performances or on performance dance floors. Countries like USA conduct regular west coast swing competitions. West coast swing is practiced all over USA and in many other western countries. It is slowly getting established in countries like india, Japan , China etc.

Ballroom Rumba: Have you heard of Rumba music. It sounds amazing and very pleasant to your ears. Rumba dance is no exception. It is a gift to your eyes. People admire you when you dance Rumba with the necessary essence. Rumba is quite popular now and a popular dancing in social dancing circles. Rumba is considered one of the most Romantic of all latin dances. If you think Bachata, Kizomba is romantic think again, Rumba can be way more than that. Partners who know each other can become seriously romantic on dance floors. If you get the right partner Rumba can give you heavenly experience. Rumba has a very beautiful Cuban motion to it.To join Ballroom rumba dance in our studio contact us Click here

Ballroom jive: Jive dancing in Chennai has been there for more than 10 years. When I was young I used to go to swingers dance academy in Kilpauk garden road, kilpauk to learn jive. Jive is a form of swing dance where partners compromise each other with top class hand and foot co-ordination. Ballroom jive is not like the high energetic jive. Though the steps are very similar but it is much slower and more romantic. Dance is a great way to keep yourself fit, relieve stress and enjoy life to the very end.

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At Chennai Dance and Dance Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing your passion for ballroom dance. Our team of experienced and certified instructors is committed to providing top-notch training, ensuring that you not only learn the steps but also understand the finesse and intricacies of ballroom dance.

  • Expert Instructors: Our instructors bring years of experience and a deep love for ballroom dance. They will guide you through each dance, helping you achieve grace and confidence.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers various ballroom dance styles, including Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, and more. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, we have classes for all levels.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our spacious dance studio is equipped with the latest sound systems and dance floors, providing the perfect environment for learning and practicing ballroom dance.

  • Individualized Attention: We believe in personalized instruction. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student receives individualized attention and feedback.

  • Dance Scheduling Flexibility: We understand that life can get busy. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your lifestyle. Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available.

  • Social and Performance Opportunities: We organize social dance events and showcases, allowing you to showcase your progress and connect with fellow dancers in the community.

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