What is this thing called "Salsa"? Didn't you ever wonder what the word "Salsa" meant or its history? I don't think it something which can easily be defined, as it does not arise from one specific place or person. But it is a combination of multiple roots and cultures as well as the creativity many people. In general, Salsa evolved as a refining of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances.

Salsa originated from Cuba in the 1920's as a meeting point of Spanish and African cultures, it is a partner dance and when executed it looks beautiful. There are various creative and great sets with can set the dance floor on fire when they are performed. Very popular through Latin & North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Middle East, but now it is becoming a global phenomenon.

Fees For Dance Salsa Class

  • Salsa Walkin 150 Per Class
  • Monthly 1000

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    It's a sizzling hot dance which caught you attention, with its hip motions and sensual bodily movements. Salsa means "sauce" in Spanish and just like its name there are many kinds of fusion salsa dances due to the various musical influences of its origin. Salsa is never boring and can be danced in many ways either by an individual performance or paired with a partner and or multiple partners in a group.

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    Benefits of Salsa!

    This is a new way to help develop social relationships because it is a major part of social and cultural life; clubs have started salsa nights and helped to promote salsa dancers. Dancing helps to communicate with body language and helps you show your emotions, feelings, personality and thoughts in the way you move on the dance floor. Also it is a very direct instrument to develop new friendships. On the plus said "Salsa Dancing" helps keep you fit and trim, if you feel you need to work out and hate going to a gym then try salsa dancing class in our Chennai Dance and Dance Academy, stay healthy and look sexy.

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