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India is moving fast into a multi culture country from a conservative country. Dancing in marriages especially in Tamil Nadu or Chennai was considered a Taboo before. But now most of the higher end marriages have dancing. Whether it is group dancing in Chennai marriages or couple dancing, dancing in marriages has become pretty popular. We teach all sort of dancing for Chennai marriages.

Best styles for Marriage dancing are Argentine tango, Tamil folk, Bollywood folk, Waltz, Latin styles etc. You can make your choice we will teach it for you. Marriage dances are taught by advanced booking only. Price is decided based on the number of dances chosen. Bulk pricing also available more number of dances you choose better discounts you will get. You can learn Chennai marriage dance as a group dance or couple only dance.

We trained many couples for their marriages and almost all of them are very happy with our skills. We make life very easy for you. Even if you have zero experience in dancing we can still make you shake your body before your visitors and get appreciation. Most of the couples who come to us are beginners who never danced before in their life. But we make them shake their body in the shortest time possible. Marriage dances are memorable and life changing. It keeps a life time memory for you. If you are getting married in future don't hesitate to include dancing as part of it.

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Contact our Chennai Dance Studio to book appointment, usually marriage dances are taught in 2 to 3 days though intensive training. Usually each session is around 2 to 3 hours. We can teach the marriage dance within a day but it all depends on your capability to pick up steps. To make your sangeet memorable call us on 9840311014


If you want to do Choreography for Marriage DanceClick here join our Chennai Dance and Dance studio.


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