Dance Fitness Course - BASICS

BASICS which stand for Brazilian, African, Salsa, Indian, ChaChaCha / Casual and Samba is a fitness class / program offered by Dance and Dance studio to cater the needs of people who like to stay fit. With special training from Julie Simon a leading dancer from San Francisco, California, Dance and Dance studio introduces this unique fitness class. This fitness class is similar to ZUMBA but all together in a different level. BASICS fitness class is ideal for all ages. If you want to stay fit or improve stamina, improve dance fitness, dance style this class is ideal for you. This class happens 5 days a week as one single session. We might increase the number of sessions in future based on the demand. Currently this fitness class happens between 7.30-8.30 PM every day. One single session is only 100 rupees.Join us to show the world you are a Dance fitness freak.Contact us or call us on 9840311014 . We will make the Zumba guys feel proud of us. Check out the FABS page Clik here.

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Fees For Dance Basic Fitness Class
  • 700 Per Month (Weekly 3 days)
  • 900 Monthly(weekly 5 days)


Tap Your Feet And Spark The Change! By joining in Dance and Dance Studio Chennai.

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