Balboa Dance

"Balboa:Smooth Steps, Classic Elegance, Timeless Swing!"

Fees For Dance Balboa Class

  • Weekly 2 days

  • 8 hours - Rs.1500( Each class 1 hour )

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History Balboa Dance

salsa dance style This is one of the best and fast moving couple swing dancing you can ever come across. This dance originated in Balboa, New port beach, California. History of this dance sounds interesting. In late 1030s people were crazy about swing dance. New port beach was no exception.

There was a beautiful ballroom in balboa , Newport beach where many gather to dance. They love to dance swing there. But because swing requires more space it became a problem. That place became too crowded and dancers got less and less space to show off their swing dancing styles. So they opted for a close proximity dance. That is balboa came into their dance world.

Balboa Dance classes in Chennai

Balboa is a very close dance where the guy leads the girl with her chest. It is more of a chest to chest lead dance. But it is danced to a very fast beat and can be fast and energetic. You get to enjoy the closeness of your partner as well as do a wonderful style. We teach balboa only for couples. If you want to join our Dance and Dance school as a couple to learn balboa dance in Chennai submit a request using our request form or email us at or call us 9840311014 .

Discover the Elegance of Balboa Dance at Chennai Dance and Dance Academy!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Balboa dance, a dance style that exudes elegance, precision, and timeless charm. Chennai Dance and Dance Academy is thrilled to introduce you to the art of Balboa, offering an immersive program that encompasses regular classes and engaging workshops. Whether you're new to dance or a seasoned dancer, our academy provides a platform to explore and master this delightful dance form.

Highlights of Our Balboa Dance Program

At Chennai Dance and Dance Academy, Balboa dance is not just a series of steps; it's an exploration of grace, connection, and intricate footwork. Our dedicated instructors are committed to sharing the techniques, history, and the undeniable allure that make Balboa an engaging and captivating dance style.

learn balboa dance classes

  • Embracing Vintage Charm

    Step back in time to the swing era as you immerse yourself in the elegance of Balboa dance. Learn about the historical context and the evolution of Balboa within the rich tapestry of swing dancing.

  • Mastering Footwork and Partner Connection

    Begin your Balboa journey by mastering the delicate footwork and intricate patterns that define this dance style. Develop a deep understanding of partner connection, a hallmark of Balboa, which fosters seamless communication on the dance floor.

  • Pure Bal and Bal-Swing

    Experience the versatility of Balboa through both pure Bal and Bal-Swing variations. Dive into the intricate footwork sequences of pure Bal, and explore the dynamic partner movements that characterize Bal-Swing.

  • Balboa Dance Workshops

    Our specialized Balboa dance workshops offer an opportunity to refine your skills further. Delve into specific aspects of Balboa, from advanced footwork techniques to musical interpretation. These workshops provide a focused environment for enhancing your dance proficiency.

  • Balboa Dance Regular Classes

    Join our regular Balboa dance classes tailored for dancers of all levels. Immerse yourself in a supportive and engaging atmosphere as you progress and master the graceful art of Balboa.

Unveiling the Essence of Balboa Dance

Chennai Dance and Dance Academy invites you to step into the elegance of Balboa dance. Whether you're a newcomer intrigued by the vintage charm or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your skills, our program offers an inclusive and dynamic space for all. Enroll today to experience the grace of Balboa, connect with fellow dancers, and let the dance rhythms transport you to an era of sophistication and timeless beauty. Secure your spot now and let the Balboa magic unfold!

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