Dance And Dance School!Triplicane

Joining Dance and Dance studio in chennai near Triplicane, you can even more cherish your passion on dance. In our dance and dance school you can learn fundamentals of dancing and gain expertise in dancing feild. We are near to triplicane, so dance lovers in triplicane have got an good opportunity to learn dance in a right way. Join our studio whether you are absloute beginner or seasoned dancer the only thing about your passion towards dance. We at our studio have started more joyfull classes which includes different styles of dance. start from the salsa to the ballroom ,bollywood to the folk dance,we cover every styles of dance. We have well trained professionals in all the styles. For more information about the dance classes you can call us at9840311014 .

Now a days Fitness classes are becoming an routine part of our life.Fitness classes in our studio is distinct, we will have fusion of dance style from the salsa to the bollywood. so people can learn different styles and also they can be fit. People in triplicane have got an ample no.of opportunity on fitness class. You can have an free trail class and later you may start regular classes. Individual attention is given to each and every student in our dance school where on the course they build confidence and passion to rock on all dance arenas.Have a look on our website for updated information.

For more queries email us at or call us 9840311014 or contact us Click here


Tap Your Feet And Spark The Change! By joining in Dance and Dance Studio Chennai.

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