"Sangeet Sandhya: Choreographed Memories, Eternally Danced!"

Fees For Sangeet Dance Performance

Dance Form Price
Per Medley
4 Minutes - 2500
6 Minutes - 3500
10 Minutes - 6000
15 Minutes - 8000
Per Song
Upto 3Minutes - 2000
Above 3Minutes -2500
Full Sangeet
Without Studio -19,999
With Studio - 2000 (Extra)
Partial Sangeet
With DND Performance
Per Song (3Minutes) - 1500
Per Song (Upto 6Minutes) - 2500
Song Editing
Per Song    -300 (Basic)
Song Editing (Advanced not Available)

Sangeet means music in Sanskrit. Sangeet sandhya is an important day celebrated before the wedding ceremony. It is actually part of the wedding ceremony in many of the north Indian weddings and now also part of south Indian weddings.

Sangeet is also called Gaun. Sangeet has been an integral part of many marriages now. Indian weddings are always ritualistic. Hindu, Jain traditions celebrate marriages in a big way. Sangeet sandhya is part of a pre wedding ritual where people from both bride's side and groom's side come together to party it out with music and dance. Dance is the most important part of all sangeet ceremony these days.

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Sangeet dances are not exclusively for women. When sangeet was originally observed only women used to be part of it. But now men also take part in good get together and dancing. Sometimes sangeet sandya is held with mehendi function. To make your sangeet memorable call us on 9840311014

Sangeet Dance Performance-Dance and Dance studio,chennai

For Sangeet you need quality dance chorographers who can handle large crowds and people of all ages. Usually in sangeet function bride, brideroom, relatives, parents, older adults all dance. It is important to find the right dance school that caters for all ages. It is important you need a professional choreographer and a friendly environment to make everyone feel like home. Those who want to dance in sangeet are not professional dancers. Some might be good, some are pure beginners. We need to make sure we remove the fear of dancing on stage from them. A good friendly environment will provide this.

Sangeet dance choreography is not only for north Indian marriages, nowadays it is quite popular in gujarati, Punjabi and even in south Indian marriages.

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