Lindy- Hop Dance

Lindy Hop: Swing, Swirl, and Sparkle!"

Fees For Lindy-Hop Dance Class

  • Weekly 2 Days

  • Lindy- Hop Dance - 8 hours - Rs.1500 ( Each class 1 hour )

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Why Lindy Hop Dance?

indy hop is a very famous American dance now practiced in majority of westernized countries. It has a large set of followers around the world. If you learn lindy hop you will be considered a quality dancer in USA and other major countries which practices this dance on a regular basis.We at Chennai Dance and Dance Studio, teach beginner to intermediate level Lindy hop dance. If you want to burn some serious calories then lindy is your choice. It is one of the fast dances out there. Especially Flying lindy is very fast and more suitable for youngsters. Lindy hop revolves around Jazz dancing. It is part of the great swing dance culture from the 1930s. Swing dance became popular in 1930s but never lost its color even today.

Lindy Hop Tanya Sondre

Lindy is a mixture of various Jazz and swing dances. It is easy to learn as long as you learn from the right place. If you want join Lindy-Hop Dance class in Chennai then Click here to join our Chennai Dance Studio

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Swing into the Joyful World of Lindy Hop Dance at Chennai Dance and Dance Academy!

Welcome to the lively realm of Lindy Hop dance, a dance style that embodies exuberance, creativity, and the infectious spirit of swing music. Chennai Dance and Dance Academy is delighted to introduce you to the captivating world of Lindy Hop, offering a comprehensive program that includes regular classes and dynamic workshops. Whether you're a novice dancer or an experienced mover, our academy provides the perfect avenue to explore and master this vibrant and dynamic dance form.

Highlights of Our Lindy Hop Dance Program

At Chennai Dance and Dance Academy, Lindy Hop dance is more than just a dance; it's a celebration of music, movement, and camaraderie. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about sharing the techniques, history, and sheer joy that make Lindy Hop a cherished and distinctive dance style.

  • Immersion in Swing Culture

    Step into the heart of swing culture as you dive into the world of Lindy Hop. Discover the historical context and evolution of Lindy Hop, a dance that originated in the vibrant swing era.

  • Mastering Footwork and Partner Connection

    Begin your Lindy Hop journey by mastering the intricate footwork and patterns that define this dance style. Develop a strong sense of partner connection, a fundamental element that allows dancers to communicate seamlessly on the dance floor.

  • Embracing Swing Outs and Swivels

    Experience the excitement of Swing Outs and Swivels, signature moves that add flair and dynamism to Lindy Hop. Explore the unique rhythms and movements that make these steps an integral part of the dance.

  • Playful Improvisation and Creativity

    Lindy Hop is known for its emphasis on improvisation and creativity. Learn how to express yourself through playful improvisation, allowing your dance to evolve organically with the music.

  • Musicality and Syncopation

    Immerse yourself in the syncopated rhythms of swing music. Discover how to interpret the music with your movements, enhancing the overall dance experience and connection to the music.

  • Lindy Hop Dance Workshops

    Our specialized Lindy Hop dance workshops provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the dance. Explore specific facets of Lindy Hop, from advanced footwork techniques to mastering complex partner moves. These workshops offer a focused environment for enhancing your dance skills.

  • Lindy Hop Dance Regular Classes

    Join our regular Lindy Hop dance classes, designed to accommodate dancers of all levels. Immerse yourself in a supportive and engaging atmosphere as you progress and master the dynamic art of Lindy Hop.

Unveiling the Essence of Lindy Hop Dance

Chennai Dance and Dance Academy invites you to swing into the joy of Lindy Hop dance. Whether you're new to the dance scene or a seasoned swing enthusiast, our program offers an inclusive and dynamic space for all. Enroll today to experience the magic of Lindy Hop, connect with fellow dancers, and let the rhythmic swing music carry you into a world of movement and fun. Secure your spot now and let the Lindy Hop adventure begin!

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