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Dandiya Raas ? You Will Surely Fall In Love With!

Among the various forms of folk dances in India, the popular one is Dandiya Raas. It is thousands of years old Raas which is preserved since Lord Krishna times. These popular Gujarati dance dandiya steps are performed during Navratari and hold a huge craze among youngsters. This dance is also performed as a ritual to please the Goddess of Power "Maa Shakti". Without it, the Navratra celebrations do feel like incomplete.

When is The Right Time To Perform Dandiya?

Dandiya sets the stage for the great beginning of the festive season with a romance in the air. You will see people preparing with dedication to excel the steps of dandiya to make the Navratri evenings truly enjoyable. With the modernisation, this art of dance is not just limited to Gujarat only. It is equally performed in and outside of India, where Gujaratis and other communities are residing. To Join Dandiya class contact usClick here

How Does The Dandiya Raas Celebrations Start And Performed?

Since Navratras are celebrated all over the India, same as the Dandiya Raas in many places. The appealing steps for dandiya dance are performed to show the mock fight between the Goddess and Mahishasura. Every instrument used in this dancing art has logic behind it. For example, the dandiya or the bamboo sticks represent the sword of the Durga and the whole act is shown dramatized in a graceful manner. The couples beat their sticks and rotate in circles around the mandvi. The whole act is performed in a rhythmic manner which adds the appeal to it.

navratri dandiya durga puja

According to the traditions, Dandiya Raas is carried out right after worshipping the Deity. After the Aarti, the Dandiya dance steps add the charm to the Navratri night and are a crucial part of the merriment. The major attraction of the dance is the colourful sticks and costumes. Both male and females dressed in the traditional attire add beauty to the dance performance. Wearing colourful cholis, duppattas and ghagras, the women are all ready to steal the show. This is the time when women try out different outfits such as Gujarati traditional dresses which glitter with the jewellery and magnificent mirror work. Even for men, there are huge options for the readymade traditional colourful kedias, exclusively woven for the dandiya raas night which attracts many eyeballs. To learn Dandiya Raas call us on9840311014 and start your Dandiya class Today!!

Due to the use of colourful sticks which are also called dandiya, this dance has also been known as stick dance. These sticks are usually made of bamboo and produce a charming sound on striking. For performing the circular movements of Dandiya Raas, you will need to get training from an expert dancer as these moves are complex. Partners strike their bamboo sticks with each other which fill the atmosphere with unique feelings. As you dance in the circular motion, you will feel its mesmerising effect. Usually, it is performed collectively in a large crowd.


The Dandiya dance steps performed during Dandiya Raas reflect the vibrant culture of Gujarat. The dance seems so lovely when a pair strikes their sticks with each other. This folk dance dandiya steps leave no room for the laziness as all the members actively take part in the activity. The traditionally-framed drum steals the show with its mesmerizing beats. All things happen in glazing choreographed settings with lots of drum beats. No matter which community you belong to, there are always good reasons to learn this active and fast past paced dance art.

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