Sangeet Wedding Dance

sangeet wedding dance in chennai

What is A Sangeet in An Indian Wedding?

It is of no secret that Sangeet dance is the soul of any Indian wedding. This ceremony is celebrated with a huge joy prior to the wedding where all men and women have got an equal contribution. As the event approaches near, the family members start preparing for the celebrations by practicing their solo or couple dance in Sangeet. Usually, some talented dancers from the family come forward to make arrangements for the Sangeet night and prepare their dance songs. However, you may also consider a professional dancing school in Chennai to choreograph the dances in the event to make this ceremony even more charming to the guests. This is where Dance and Dance Academy, Chennai can contribute. With experienced choreographers on our side, we will put a life in your Sangeet night.

Fees For Sangeet Dance Performance :

Dance Form Price
Per Medley
4 Minutes - 2500
6 Minutes - 3500
10 Minutes - 6000
15 Minutes - 8000
Per Song
Upto 3Minutes - 2000
Above 3Minutes -2500
Full Sangeet
Without Studio -19,999
With Studio - 2000 (Extra)
Partial Sangeet
With DND Performance
Per Song (3Minutes) - 1500
Per Song (Upto 6Minutes) - 2500
Song Editing
Per Song    -300 (Basic)
Song Editing (Advanced not Available)

Professional Sangeet Dance Choreography That Will Make You Our Fan!

Everyone attempts to rock the event with their dance moves and a professional coaching makes your dreams come true. If you don't have enough experience or background in choreographing the moves of dance for wedding Sangeet on your own, then leave this area for the reputed dance instructors like us. With the strategically designed Sangeet classes, Dance and Dance Academy, Chennai will take your experience to the next level. We are particularly engaged in training newbies to a skill level where they can expect to receive appreciation from their near and dear ones for the rock-solid dance performance on the special day. It's ideal to give yourself as much time as you can afford prior to the stage performance, so that you can be more confident on the day of the event.
More emphasis is needed on choreographing the dance for a groom and bride which is also a major attraction of the event. But, no worries as you are with the dance professionals. With several years spent on wedding Mehndi Dance practise, we know how to create those special effects which dazzle the audience to the tunes of music.Click here to make your sangeet night as a festive.

Sangeet Dance Performance-Dance and Dance studio,chennai

Let Us Decide The Right Outfit For Your Wedding Sangeet!

Next comes the selection of right costumes which if chosen smartly could steal the show and let others talk about you, only you on the Sangeet Indian wedding. The vibrant colours like pastel colours are the best for the performing on Sangeet wedding. Each dancing group must have the similar outfits such as Sari to create a rhythmic effect during the ceremony. You don't have to worry for making the arrangements as we will be there to guide you at each and every step. At Dance and Dance Academy, we know the importance of the right outfits for the events and we never compromise in selecting the best one for your event taking your personalized needs in consideration.

The Dance Sequence We Plan Will Win Your Guests' Hearts!

At Dance and Dance Academy, we carefully place the sequence of dances, so that the similar dances do not get performed together. We keep them in an order that the performance catches every eyeball with a mix of fast and slow dance numbers performed one after another. Your guests will fall in love to the group performances. For the limelight of the event, we give Sangeet classes and training for Bride & Groom dance which will be performed at the end of the ceremony.Click here or call us on 9840311014 so that your memorable day will end up like a big Grand Finale with all eyes set on the Wedding Couple. Altogether, the stage will be all set to steal the show and you cherish those moments when the whole family comes together on the stage to live those moments together.

Contact Dance And Dance Academy to learn Sangeet dance and a breathtaking performance by the wedding couple. We are known to fill the days with our theme dances which will make this occasion even more joyous. Let's celebrate with a style and deliver the world a best dance performance to kick-start your happy marriage life. Contact us today.Click here

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