East Coast Swing Dance

"East Coast Swing: Swing into Rhythm, Dance into Joy!"

Fees For East Coast Swing Dance Class

  • Weekly 2 Days
  • 1500 Per Month (3 Days Per Week)

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What is meant by East coast swing?

East coast swing or six count jive is part of swing dance. In India we don't call it east coast swing but we call it jiving. Jiving is an energetic and bouncy dance. Preferred age group for swing dance or jiving is 10 years to 25 years. We tend to be more bouncy in that age. If you want to learn dancing suitable for your age group you join other styles like Latin dancing which is suitable for all ages.

east coast swing dance

East Coast Swing Dance in Chennai

Chennai Dance and Dance Studio has certified professionals in East coast swing. We are trained directly in USA where this form of dance is still practiced extensively. This is a trademark dance of USA. It originated in 1930s and 40s between the African American community and now danced mostly by the whites.

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Experience the Energetic Rhythms of East Coast Swing Dance at Chennai Dance and Dance Academy!

Welcome to the dynamic world of East Coast Swing dance, a dance style that encapsulates energy, connection, and the vibrant spirit of swing music. Chennai Dance and Dance Academy is thrilled to introduce you to the exhilarating world of East Coast Swing, offering a comprehensive program that includes regular classes and engaging workshops. Whether you're new to dance or an experienced mover, our academy provides the perfect platform to explore and master this joyful and versatile dance form.

Highlights of Our East Coast Swing Dance Program

At Chennai Dance and Dance Academy, East Coast Swing dance is more than just a dance; it's a celebration of movement, rhythm, and camaraderie. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to sharing the techniques, history, and sheer enthusiasm that make East Coast Swing a beloved and captivating dance style.

  • Dive into Swing Culture

    Step into the heart of swing culture as you delve into the vibrant world of East Coast Swing. Discover the historical context and evolution of East Coast Swing, a dance that emerged during the swing era.

  • Mastering Basic Steps and Footwork

    Start your East Coast Swing journey by mastering the fundamental steps and footwork that define this dance style. Develop a strong sense of rhythm and coordination as you explore the various footwork patterns.

  • Embracing Triple Steps and Turns

    Experience the excitement of triple steps and turns, essential elements that add flair and dynamism to East Coast Swing. Learn to execute these movements with precision and style.

  • Partner Connection and Leading/Following

    East Coast Swing thrives on connection between partners. Develop your partner communication skills, mastering the art of leading and following, which is essential for a smooth and enjoyable dance experience.

  • Playful Variations and Improvisation

    East Coast Swing is known for its playful variations and opportunities for improvisation. Learn how to infuse your dance with creativity and spontaneity, adding a personal touch to your movements.

  • East Coast Swing Dance Regular Classes and Workshops

    Join our regular East Coast Swing dance classes, thoughtfully designed to cater to dancers of all levels. Immerse yourself in a supportive and engaging atmosphere as you progress and master the dynamic art of East Coast Swing.Our specialized East Coast Swing dance workshops provide an avenue to deepen your skills. Delve into specific aspects of East Coast Swing, from refining footwork techniques to exploring advanced partner moves. These workshops offer a focused environment to enhance your dance proficiency.

Exploring the Essence of East Coast Swing Dance

Chennai Dance and Dance Academy invites you to embrace the joyful rhythms of East Coast Swing dance. Whether you're a newcomer eager to explore or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, our program offers an inclusive and dynamic space for all. Enroll today to experience the magic of East Coast Swing, connect with fellow dancers, and let the infectious swing music carry you into a world of movement and excitement. Secure your spot now and let the East Coast Swing adventure begin!

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