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Whether it comes to Social dancing or performance dancing or dancing just for fun, dance does not have any age limit. There is a saying " You don't stop dancing because you are old but you become old because you stop dancing". Dancing is not restricted to anyone. We at Dance and dance teach dance for all ages. We start children as young as 14 and to adult as old as 60. We at Dance and Dance teach youngster dance like swing, lindyhop to matured adult dance like cha cha cha , argentine tango and waltz. Older adults prefer sooty music and simple dancing. We prefer to cater dance for all ages. Dance is our passion and we want dance to be your passion too. Dance is a great way to keep fit and keeping yourself fit in all ages is important to live a long and healthy life.Dance Class for all Ages in Chennai Click here to join our Chennai Dance Studio


Tap Your Feet And Spark The Change! By joining in Dance and Dance Studio Chennai.

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