Latin dances like the Rumba are very stylish and precise, full of colour. Considered the "grandfather" of Latin dances, the Rumba was first danced in U.S in the 1920's. It was It is one of the most alluring and sexy dance of Latin. Ballroom Rumba is a slow dance with rhythmic body and hip movements executed sharply and quickly.

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The Rumba dance is a very sensual dance, full will love and passion. It is the sexiest and the most popular ballroom dance, which is seen all around the world at nightclubs, parties, weddings and dances. Since every story has to be told in a dance, the Rumba's dance story is about a teasing game. The lady flirts with her male partner, and then rejects him with an apparent sexual aggression. The dance revolves around the two showing their dominance on the floor.

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