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Salsa dance is indeed a true way of self-expression. It not only reflects one's personality but also tells a lot about his socio-cultural background. If you go back to the history, you will find that the word 'Salsa' is a broad term. It includes learning a variety of dance styles which are fused into one form by bringing them from the different parts of the world. Interestingly, this extraordinary dance has first taken birth in New York but its moves are heavily influenced by Latin America. This outstanding blend of the dancing moves is called Salsa. It is completely fun to dance using a variety of steps which add a spicy mixture to its popularity. Over time, there has been a progressive rise in the number of learners seeking Salsa coaching. To learn salsa dance for wedding call us on 9840311014 or contact us on Click here

With the progression of time, numerous styles of salsa have been emerged and are being practiced today. These eye-catching moves which are today being danced upon make Salsa wedding dance an enjoyable activity. Are you still wondering what trending moves make it the one of the most exciting forms of dance? Well, let's take a close look at these sizzling steps which contribute fame to the Salsa. Scroll down below:

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    1. Close Hold

    Salsa dance is not a solo act like other dance styles rather a coupled approach. It requires a partner who will be your co-dancer. Since this is a team activity, it also lets you learn how to closely hold your dance partner in the right way. To proceed with the close hold, you will need to put your left arm on the side of your dance partner and the right arm behind her back. If the hold is incorrect, you will not be able to perform some moves due to restriction in the movements. Moreover, it will also extend the discomfort to your partner.

    2. Cross-Body Lead

    Cross-Body lead is a kind of advance dance steps which add appeal to this activity. It is all about switching positions as the dance progresses. It incorporates the involvement of male and female partner who change their positions as a part of the dance routine. This is one of those variations which are the regular part of this exciting activity. It requires skills to master the art of swapping positions at the end of the dancing moves.

    3. Guapea

    Guapea is widely famous as the Cuban basic dance move. This step involves a leader facing the clockwise direction while gently holding the follower's right hand in his left.The follower is expected to face the anti-clockwise direction while performing norma mambo steps. The female partner takes the small steps giving room to the male partner for taking bigger steps. The whole activity could hold the breath of the audience if performed in a righteous way.


    Salsa dance is a great mixture of twists and turns which require time to excel. Proper alignment, right hold and trending moves are all it takes to be a good salsa dancer. Whether aiming for salsa wedding dance or to perform at any party, all these trending dance styles require a dance teacher who can make your learning easier and quicker. If you want to turn your dance passion into reality, just talk to a professional dancing school near to you.

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