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Fees For Dance Bollywood Class

Bollywood Regular Classes


  • Monday and Wednesdays - 7 to 8 PM


  • Per head 200 per class ( 1 hour ) 8 hours - 1500.

Bollywood Weekend Classes


  • 2.00 To 4.00 pm


  • Rs.200/-per class.

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Bollywood Style

Bollywood dance style is a multicultural blend of styles that fuses various elements of Indian and Western dance to produce high energy moves. Foundation of it is a fusion of Indian classical dances like kathak and bharatanatyam together with Indian folk dance bhangra. Further it had a concoction of western dance influences like jazz and pop, thereby making Bollywood dance a rich style. Having become a major world trend, Bollywood dance styles is based on the complex musical sequences.Bollywood dance is a dynamic and vibrant dance style that originated in the Indian film industry, centered in Mumbai, often referred to as Bollywood. It's a fusion of various traditional Indian dance forms, such as classical, folk, and even some Western dance elements. Bollywood dance is known for its energetic movements, expressive storytelling, and colorful costumes.

Bollywood Dance Refers To

Bollywood dancing refers to a commercial name that is given to modern day Indian dancing. Most of these dances are incorporated in some of the Indian movies. Actors, actresses and other film makers apply the dances in a manner that best brings out the intended theme.Energetic Movements- Bollywood dance is characterized by its fast-paced and high-energy movements. Dancers often incorporate a mix of intricate footwork, quick spins, and dramatic gestures to create a visually captivating performance.Bollywood dance routines can range from solo performances to large group numbers. Group performances often involve synchronized choreography and formations. One of the reasons for Bollywood dance's popularity is its adaptability. Dancers can blend traditional and modern elements, allowing for creativity and innovation in choreography.

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Bollywood Dancing in the Present!

Bollywood dance has evolved over the years and continues to incorporate new trends and influences, keeping it fresh and exciting. Whether performed for entertainment, celebrations, or as a form of artistic expression, Bollywood dance remains a vibrant and influential part of Indian and global dance culture.
Global Phenomenon From Mumbai to Manhattan, Bollywood dance has transcended borders to become a global sensation. Enthusiasts around the world are captivated by its infectious beats, vibrant costumes, and dynamic performances that bridge cultures and create unforgettable memories.In the present day Bollywood dance trend has not only brought Indian films into the limelight in the Western world, nevertheless it has scaled up the Wests familiarity with Indian culture.
Be Part of the Legacy As Bollywood dance continues to evolve, you have the opportunity to be part of its living legacy. Join us in celebrating this dynamic art form that celebrates tradition while pushing boundaries, inspiring generations to come.Embark on a dance adventure that transcends time and cultures. Immerse yourself in the magic of Bollywood dancing today and let the rhythm of life guide your every step.

Embrace the Bollywood Extravaganza

ollywood dance, renowned for its fusion of Indian classical, folk, and contemporary styles, is more than just movement ? it's an expression of emotions, narratives, and cultural richness. From high-energy footwork to graceful expressions, Bollywood dance encapsulates the spirit of India's film industry and its global influence.

Dance Classes in Chennai: Your Gateway to Bollywood Magic

In Chennai, a city celebrated for its cultural diversity, dance classes provide a platform for enthusiasts of all levels to delve into the world of Bollywood dance. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your skills, these classes cater to various skill levels and ensure a nurturing learning environment.

Professional Guidance and Practice

Dance and Dance academy classes in Chennai are led by seasoned instructors who possess a deep understanding of Bollywood dance's intricacies. They guide you through choreographies, techniques, and expressions that are quintessential to this genre. With dedicated practice and guidance, you'll learn the art of syncing movement with music, narrating stories, and performing with confidence.

Chennai's Dance Academies: Fostering Excellence

Chennai's dance academies are dedicated to promoting dance culture and providing comprehensive training in Bollywood dance. Their structured approach combines theory, technique, and practice, ensuring that you receive a holistic education that goes beyond mere choreography.

Chennai's Dance and Dance academy Community: A Tapestry of Talent

Dance classes in Chennai not only teach you dance but also introduce you to a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion. From workshops and performances to events and collaborations, being a part of this community opens doors to endless opportunities for growth, artistic expression, and personal connections.

Cultural Fusion and Joyful Expression

Embarking on a Bollywood dance journey in Chennai is more than just learning the moves ? it's about experiencing the heart and soul of Indian cinema, about expressing emotions through motion, and about connecting with a vibrant dance community. So, if you're ready to experience the magic of Bollywood dance, Chennai's dance classes await you with open arms, promising a journey filled with rhythm, joy, and the essence of Bollywood itself.

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