party dance classes

Go attend parties and mark your presence with brilliant dance styles. Dance has variations that differ with type of parties you attend. For instance, you are expected to dance with partner at certain wedding parties and clubs where it is not quite mandatory in other functions. As experienced dance trainers we not only teach you dance but also guide you in etiquette how and what to dance that suits perfect to the place. Whether you go for birthday party, bachelor party, corporate party, get together party, marriage party or to other fetes we prepare you develop skill and confidence in performing the most lively and flawless dance. Our Dance and Dance Academy in Chennai, train dance enthusiasts perfect to all kinds of party dance.

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Fees For Party Dance Class

  • Per Song - Upto 3 Minutes ( 2000 ) , Above 3 Minutes ( 2500 )


Tap Your Feet And Spark The Change! By joining in Dance and Dance Studio Chennai.

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