Charleston Dance

Charleston originated in late 1930s among the African American citizens. It quickly spread to most of the US states and even to other American countries. No one in India has taught this style before. We have seen one or 2 day work shops happening in India but never a dedicated class. This dance is meant for youngsters especially boys and girls in the age group of 10 to 25 will enjoy this dance to the core.

This dance is jumpy , jumpy and fun to do. It requires a lot of energy to keep dancing it for 15 minutes. It improves both your fitness levels and dancing styles.

learn charleston dace classes

Charleston is ideal for stage performances because of its ability to blend dancing with stunts. If you see Charleston dance you can see people to lot of lifts and drops. That is a trade mark of Charleston. Even in clubs where people like to show off themselves Charleston will help you out. Same like Hiphop be-boying you can do some nice lifts with your partner in clubs leaning Charleston dance style. If you want to try out this new style participate in our once a month intensive swing dance course which includes Charleston as part of styles.

Fees For Dance Charleston Class

  • 1800 Per Month (All Weekends)

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