Charleston Dance:

Charleston is ideal for stage performances because of its ability to blend dancing with stunts. If you see Charleston dance you can see people to lot of lifts and drops. That is a trade mark of Charleston. Even in clubs where people like to show off themselves Charleston will help you out. Same like Hiphop be-boying you can do some nice lifts with your partner in clubs leaning Charleston dance style. If you want to try out this new style participate in our once a month intensive swing dance course which includes Charleston as part of styles.

Fees For Dance Charleston Class

  • 1800 Per Month (All Weekends)


Balboa Dance:

This is one of the best and fast moving couple swing dancing you can ever come across. This dance originated in Balboa, New port beach, California.

History of this dance sounds interesting. In late 1030s people were crazy about swing dance. New port beach was no exception. There was a beautiful ballroom in balboa , Newport beach where many gather to dance.

Balboa is a very close dance where the guy leads the girl with her chest. It is more of a chest to chest lead dance. But it is danced to a very fast beat and can be fast and energetic. You get to enjoy the closeness of your partner as well as do a wonderful style. We teach balboa only for couples.

Fees For Balboa Dance Class

  • 1000 Per Month

lindyhop dance

Lindy- Hop Dance:

Lindy hop is a very famous American dance now practiced in majority of westernized countries. It has a large set of followers around the world. If you learn lindy hop you will be considered a quality dancer in USA and other major countries which practices this dance on a regular basis. We at Chennai Dance and Dance Studio, teach beginner to intermediate level Lindy hop dance. If you want to burn some serious calories then lindy is your choice. It is one of the fast dances out there. Especially Flying lindy is very fast and more suitable for youngsters. Lindy hop revolves around Jazz dancing. It is part of the great swing dance culture from the 1930s. Latin dance became popular in 1930s but never lost its color even today.

Fees For Lindy- Hop Dance Class

  • 1200 Per Month (2 Days Per Week)

East Coast Swing Dance

East Coast Swing Dance:

East coast swing or six count jive is part of swing dance. In India we don't call it east coast swing but we call it jiving. Jiving is an energetic and bouncy dance. Preferred age group for swing dance or jiving is 10 years to 25 years. We tend to be more bouncy in that age. If you want to learn dancing suitable for your age group you join other styles like Swing dancing which is suitable for all ages

Chennai Dance and Dance Studio has certified professionals in East coast swing. We are trained directly in USA where this form of dance is still practiced extensively.

Fees For East Coast Swing Class

  • 1500 Per Month (3 Days Per Week)